State Senator Rezin Criticizes Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund’s Debt Treatment

PHOTO Senator Sue Rezin (R) – 38th district

PEORIA — Illinois Senate Deputy Minority Leader Sue Rezin (R-Morris) criticized Illinois Democrats for legislation that was not enough to fund the $4.5 billion debt of the Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund, which she says could lead to one of the biggest tax increases on Illinois employers in history. Senate Bill 2803 earmarked only $2.7 billion of the $8.1 billion available from the US federal bailout law to the unemployment insurance trust fund.

“The Governor and his Democratic allies in the General Assembly have had nearly a year to allocate federal ARPA dollars to address the growing Unemployment Insurance Trust Fund deficit crisis,” said said Senator Rezin. “Instead of being fiscally responsible and prioritizing our trust fund, they waited and decided to apply our one-time federal dollars to other proposals and programs, including personal pork projects in their districts. Now, after only paying off 60% of trust fund debt, they congratulate themselves and say they are fiscally responsible as employers and employees across our state prepare to bear the brunt of their failure to truly address this issue.

Senate Bill 2803 was signed into law by Governor JB Pritzker on March 25.

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John A. Bogar