Shriram Trans Fin Lists Social, Masala and Debt Bonds in Nse Ifsc Debt Market


Shriram Transport Finance Social Bonds, Masala Bonds and Currency Bonds are now listed on the NSE IFSC Debt Securities Market (DSM) platform. NSE IFSC is a 100% subsidiary of NSE.

According to the NSE statement, NBFC has raised $1.70 billion in social bond capital, 8.4 billion masala bonds and $750 million in foreign currency bonds in various tranches under the $3.5 billion global medium-term note program.

NSE IFSC has launched DSM platform for listing and trading debt securities in multiple foreign currency bonds, green bonds, masala bonds, notes, etc. on March 16, 2018.

The DSM platform is focused on providing an efficient international listing process for issuers with minimum turnaround time and investment opportunities for investors worldwide.

Since its launch, the DSM platform has listed a total of medium-term notes worth more than $37.3 billion, while bonds worth more than $18.67 billion (including 2 .3 billion green and sustainable bonds) were also listed.

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John A. Bogar