Pet owners go into debt to cover dog care costs

WE all love our pets, but some pet owners find themselves going into debt to cover their dog’s care costs.

An online survey carried out for Dogs Trust, which has a rehoming center in Basildon, found that more than one in ten dog owners have gone into debt for this reason.

Rising prices for pet food, routine vet appointments, pet insurance are having a huge impact on people according to YouGo’s survey last week.

33% of respondents would have to borrow money to pay an unexpected £100 vet bill.

This has impacted the quality of care dogs receive, with one in five respondents opting for cheaper dog food and, worryingly, one in ten delay seeking veterinary treatment for non-routine procedures. and for vaccinations and flea and worming treatments.

Owen Sharp, chief executive of Dogs Trust, said: “We don’t blame it on vets, who are themselves being hit by rising costs, leading to higher fees. But we have a situation where many dog ​​owners in the UK are having to make cost-cutting decisions that could harm their dog’s health, such as skipping vaccinations and deworming treatments, and some dogs are missing out on treatment. emergency because their owners can’t afford it.

“I really fear that, despite our best efforts, the sector will reach a point where we have reached the limit of what we can do, and we will be forced to turn away dogs in need.”

The UK’s largest canine protection charity is its busiest ever, dealing with an influx of dogs whose owners cannot afford to care for them as the bills continue to soar. He expressed serious concerns that an additional 350,000 dogs may need to find new homes if the cost of living continues to rise.

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John A. Bogar