Insurance: The … deficit and debt virus under the magnifying glass of institutions

Falling incomes, increasing expenses, accumulation of debts and insurance premium debts, are an explosive tax cocktail which is resolutely at the center of the interests of the institutions, whose leaders met at noon with the Minister of Labor, Kostis Hatzis.

According to ministerial sources, during the meeting – which took place in a good atmosphere – Mr. Hatzidakis presented the progress made on the issue of unpaid pensions as well as the forecasts for the immediate future, in view of the objective set by the political leadership. of the ministry to increase the granting rate of unpaid pensions and to drastically reduce the stock until the first half of 2022.

The spikes”

The points of concern of the establishments concern:

EFKA’s income, as there was a 157 million euro drop in contributions to the private sector in September.

Expenses, as the possibility remains open that the liabilities of EFKA exceed the increase of 314 million euros for 2022.

Pending pension requests, which in total exceed 250,000 (main, auxiliary, international, etc.), with current costs and – mainly – retroactive to the budget.

The debts accumulated towards KEAO, due to the non-payment of insurance contributions, which exceed 38 billion euros.

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