Bonus Features – October 30, 2022 – 46% of Americans have gone into debt to pay medical bills, 41% say retail and virtual care experiences are disjointed, and more

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News and Studies

A survey by digital health platform Babylon found that 46% of Americans have gone into debt because of their medical bills, while 34% are currently struggling to pay their medical and insurance bills. Additionally, 10% of Americans said they could not afford any disbursements for health emergencies, while 22% could only afford to pay $100 or less. Only 38% of Americans have a savings fund dedicated to medical emergencies.

The latest patient engagement survey from Stericycle Communication Solutions found that almost half of patients had booked appointments online (48%) or sought care from a non-traditional provider (45%) in the past year, with half of these patients using retail care and one-third virtual care. While 95% of these patients said they would seek care from these types of providers in the future, 41% said the experience was disjointed. (Learn more about inquiry and the role of automation in supporting patient planning, communication and engagement, in the recent Healthcare IT Today interview with Matt Dickson of Stericycle.)

A survey of Medisafe users revealed that 51% of patients say access to mental health support is one of their top health issues, with women and younger patients more likely to express concerns about their mental health. Additionally, 28% of patients – including 55% of 18-24 year olds – said they experienced isolation over their physical and mental health.


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