Alex Kleyner, the logistics, debt and investment guru

Miami, October 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Alex Kleyner Miami is the CEO of Store2Door and co-founder of ABK Capital. Its businesses have added value to American society and beyond, providing employment opportunities, non-traditional financing options for real estate developers, service delivery, and more. Alex Kleyner is a shrewd and accomplished entrepreneur with several other companies to his name in the United States. and world.

Alex Kleyner’s contribution to the public and to the business environment is extremely important. Store2Door has enabled the fluid movement of products to America and beyond. For example, the volumes of online shopping and shipping of merchandise to certain South American destinations by Miami residents have increased significantly in recent times. Additionally, as the world grapples with the Covid-19 pandemic, Alex Kleyner Store2Door has used superior logistics to ensure its customers are not stressed by their needs during the lockdown.

A key feature of Kleyner’s business the meaning is honesty where the company strives to keep its promises. He has invested time, money and resources to ensure that the customer has a memorable experience with Store2Door wherever they are.
The customer is Alex Kleyner’s number one priority, and it shows in the strategies he has put in place. They include a sound hiring policy which has created a very efficient, diverse and open-minded team. Another strategic move allows for an open door policy. Alex Kleyner Store2Door’s main goal is to deliver a great product through exemplary service. Indeed, the company holds its motto to heart, which is “You select, we deliver!” In addition, Alex has set up a 24 hour call center to ensure efficiency.

Outside of retail, ABK Capital’s Alex Kleyner has made strong contributions to the real estate industry. ABK Capital is boldly advancing on motives that other financiers have avoided. ABK Capital’s Alex Kleyner generously offers a range of loan options such as senior secured loans, senior equity loans and mezzanine loans. He is brave enough to unlock mezzanine loans without asset security due to his desire to support potentially successful businesses for the good of all.

Alex Kleyner of ABK Capital runs a unique business where he can consider an investor with no history of borrowing but with the potential to be successful. In addition, the rapid disbursement of funds ensures that real estate developers realize their profits faster. Alex Kleyner Miami also offers unique solutions based on the needs of each client. For example, the acquisition of a non-performing loan and the refinancing of a project.

Store2Door is an affordable, secure and insured customer-centric company that ships and delivers retail products in the United States and around the world. The company was founded in 2002 and operates more than 350 shopping centers in 325 towns and villages. In the United States, an order is delivered in a record 30 minutes. Alex Kleyner Miami attributes the company’s success to his loyal customers who have accompanied him over the years. Therefore, Miami is next to receive the latest Store2Door point of sale.

ABK Capital is a real estate investment banking firm founded in 2014 by Brian Hernandez and Alex Kleyner. He is based in Miami Beach, Florida. The company works with institutional sponsors and offers personalized and flexible financial solutions to individual real estate developers at local and international level. Depending on the assets of a business, it can be financed up to $ 15,000,000.

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