CCOO, UGT and FOAM call mobilizations this Sunday in defense of pensions, which are ahead of Friday in Seville

CCOO-A, UGT-A and the Federation of Andalusian Organizations of the Elderly (FOAM) have called mobilizations for this Sunday in all Andalusian capitals in defense of “decent” pensions and to ask that “the purchasing power of pensions be recovered “, in some protests that, in the case of Seville, will be advanced to this Friday.

In this way, this Friday will be held “by logistics” in Seville and a demonstration will be held between San Fernando Street and the Delegation of the Tax Agency.

As for the rest of the provinces, a demonstration will take place in Almería between the Puerta de Purchena and the Plaza Circular; in Córdoba, another demonstration between the Plaza de las Tendillas and the General Treasury of the Social Security; and in Malaga there will be a demonstration that starts and ends at the Plaza de la Constitución, passing through Plaza del Siglo, Plaza del Carbon, Molina Larios, Santo Tomás Street and Larios Street, returning to the Plaza de la Constitución.

In the case of Cádiz, a rally will be held before the Government Subdelegation in Cádiz, and in Granada, the rally will also be before the Government Sub-delegation, and in Jaén, there will be a rally in the Plaza de la Concordia. Also, in Huelga there will be a human chain in the Tinto del Río quay, while in Motril (Granada) there will be a rally in the Plaza de la Aurora.

The president of the FOAM, Martín Durán, has indicated to Europa Press that the increases contemplated in the General State Budget (PGE) constitutes “a joke”, so “we will continue to manifest ourselves until a real solution is given to the problem of pensions “.

Durán explained that after the demonstrations this Sunday, FOAM will hold meetings with UGT and CCOO to assess the participation and how the demonstrations and rallies have gone and continue planning new actions “because we are not going to stop and we will continue, although we do not know the periodicity thereof. “

For his part, the Secretary-General of CCOO of Seville, Alfonso Vidán, has stressed in a note that “the problem of pensions is for all workers, not just pensioners” and has called for the participation of citizens in the mobilizations called on April 13 in Seville and April 15 in the other cities of Andalusia.

According to Vidán, “we have to demand that the government repeal the labor reforms because the creation of quality employment is the key to guaranteeing public and decent pensions.”

For the general secretary of CCOO of Seville, “the General Budgets of the State (PGE) are an attempt to divide, to face some people with others, partially meeting the needs, and also only for this year, so that” the year that comes all the pensions will be revalued 0.25 percent, and this year little more than a third will be those that can maintain or improve their purchasing power “.

“More than half of the pensions will have a real loss of purchasing power,” said Vidán, who insists on the need for “an effective, efficient and viable public pension model”, something he considers “incompatible with the reform that the Popular Party approved alone in 2013, with a revaluation index and a sustainability factor implicit in cutting short and medium term pensions. ” “A reform that the Government, which no longer has the absolute majority of 2013, cannot maintain against everyone,” Vidán has ruled.

For all this, the secretary general of CCOO of Seville has urged the PP government “to repeal the 2013 reform, increase the purchasing power of pensioners and ensure the viability of the public system under the Pact of Toledo and the social dialogue “.

For his part, the general secretary of the Union of Retirees and Pensioners of UGT-A, Antonio del Moral, has made a new appeal to the Andalusians to join this new call for mobilizations in defense of pensions, “because we are in the same situation, with a government that continues to ignore us, that is why we are going to continue to show our disagreement on the way they are leading to pensions. “

“In the PGE, which the government sells as budgets that improve pensions, they raise the minimum pensions by three percent, but they do not explain that they continue to lose five percent, because in 2013 it should have gone up by eight percent. We ask that no further loss of purchasing power and ensure decent pensions, which is what the Constitution says in its Article 50, “he said.

According to the regional head of UJP, “we have a deficit of 18,500 million euros, of which 3,500 million will be taken out of the reserve fund and the rest will be asked for a quick personal loans” We have to remember that while our public system pension is solitary, private pension plans are very unsupportive because of only those who have money “.

“This May 1 we will also turn our claims into that demonstration, we wish there were no more demonstrations because it would be a symptom that everything has been solved, but there are no clues that the situation will improve,” concluded Del Moral.




CCOO and UGT, together with FOAM, have called mobilizations in more than 40 cities of Andalusia to defend the public pension system and decent pensions.

The secretary generals of CCOO-A, Nuria López and UGT-A, Carmen Castilla, accompanied by their counterparts in Seville, Alfonso Vidán, and Juan Bautista, respectively, lead the mobilization that will take place this Friday in the Andalusian capital, in defense of decent public pensions.

The unions thus give continuity to the marches of September and October that toured the State and the mobilizations of recent months.